SLOW PHONE – This is the most common issue experienced by all smartphone users & also can be associated with old phones too.

When your RAM(Random-Acess Memory) is full of apps & files that you do not use or need, your phone tends to respond slowly.

Solution: Clean cache files/Background running apps , Delete unwanted apps.

OVERHEATING – Sometimes overheating of the device is related to the problems of battery in the device. Also, it can be related to the charger we use. You should fix it soon because it and damage phone screen & Motherboard shorting also causing device dead.

Solution : Try to keep device away from sun’s heat or any hot places. Give your phone some minutes to cool down to refresh & start using again.

FULL STORAGE SPACE – Too many photos, songs, documents & other files occupy important storage space which causes device storage phones and also relates with SLOW PHONE.

Solution : Delete files which are not useful or needy, Use backup google drive or google photos for all backup of photos. & Now-a-days songs can be listen online.

APPS CRASH – These problems happen a lot & although it’s very annoying. Some apps present this issue & can be related to bugs on the apps or the operating system is not the best to those apps as there are constantly update on new options & improvements on apps for better performance but some your phone just cannot support the latest version & that app starts crashing all the time.

Solution- Try to restart your smartphone & start using the app again. You can also clear the cache files from the app manager as cleaning the data also works sometimes.

If the problems continue try to uninstall the app & install it again.

APPS NOT DOWNLOADING -This issue can be solved with a just few steps similar to the ones explained in the above problems. It mainly happens due to a corrupt cache.

Solution- Try cleaning app cache, Clear history of google play & google play service. Check if the google play service app is updated to the latest. Do not fail to restart your smartphone device after doing that and try again to download the app you are looking for.

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