Does Your Screen Keeps Freezing?

Don’t Panic!

This is another problem that is usually caused by an overloaded device. Start by clearing your phone’s cache and getting rid of unneeded files and apps. If your phone’s storage space is still almost full after doing that, move some things to outside storage, like your PC or a cloud service. Screen freezing is sometimes caused by a malware infection.

You’re in the middle of checking your email, and your phone goes black and won’t wake up. Don’t panic! You should be able to restart it.

SOLUTION IS HERE: On most devices holding the power button and the home button down at the same time for several seconds will force a restart on a crashed or frozen phone. If the phone restarts, you may be able to fix the problem yourself.

Crashing phones can be caused by several things. Start by checking to see if your phone is overloaded with apps and files. After you’ve removed stuff you don’t need and clear your cache.

If your phone is squeaky clean, then software might be to blame. It’s pretty common for operating system updates to cause problems, so if you’ve recently updated something, you might need to reset the phone to factory settings.

If that doesn’t work & if you have tried all the above steps, it means something serious has gone wrong, and you’ll need to get the professionals involved, don’t hesitate to take it into a repair centre.😊

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